Shopify Facebook Blueprint And Other Tips

Shopify Facebook Blueprint And Other Tips


To make money Shopify dropshipping you will need to learn how to run facebook ads. I show you a great resource to check out, also some other tips I’ve found along the way.

Here’s the links:

Follow Me On Social Media:
Facebook Group:
Start your own Shopify store:
Amazon Seller Mastery Course:


  1. Hey awesome tutorials. I am more of a YouTube person so would like to know more about YT hacks.

    Note: Can you share the channel url of Myles bakla, the one from which you learn YT? I might have spelled his name wrong.

  2. Good explanation of blueprint 👍

  3. beside are they going to charge me upfront or on each sales i make or monthly. tnkz

  4. Hello thankz for the video……it's amazing.

    but how can we sync our shopify store with ebay n amazon….tnkz man

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