Shopify. How To Import/Export Data In CSV Files

Shopify. How To Import/Export Data In CSV Files


In our new tutorial we will teach You how to export products from your Shopify store or import them into it using CSV files.
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  1. i have question when csv from bonanza, i got notice that fail to download picture from gmail notice!.why?? is that because large quantity of products so fail? sometimes just 2 products, ok! ID whydgf, i need help!

  2. How to export / import Collections?

  3. I love your video! I do have a question however. If you upload a csv file and realize that you need to edit the file what do you do? Do you A: Delete all products and reupload the modified csv file or do you B: Just upload a revised csv file of the same name and it will over write? or C: Some other option that I just didnt think about here? I encoutered and error with my google webstore but all the data was scraped from shopify via their google app and they rejected all my products due to the picture size being too small.

  4. Can I import wordpress csv file into shopify site ?

  5. theres a reason why we call this youtube, its for audio VIDEOS, this is 2016. wheres your voice? weird

  6. I like this info. Ill get right to it. Thks

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