Shopify Sales Funnel For Beginners

Shopify Sales Funnel For Beginners


Understanding and knowing what a sales funnel is, can assist with the organisation and productivity of your business. It allows you to break down and specialize in the core areas of your business, optimize those areas in order to increase sales and revenue along with long term success.

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  1. But so you woukd use ClickFunnels for a Shopify Store?

  2. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing, helpful.

  3. when do u capture the leads (which page) ? by capturing the leads do u mean getting the emails, right ?
    Normally people leave their email when they initiate the checkout or we can show them a promo popup (e.g. get 20% on ur first order ).

  4. I found this video very informative.

  5. Good break down of the process. Do you do any private consulting?

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