Shopify Store Review: Simple Fixes That Made Me 6 Figures In 2018

Shopify Store Review: Simple Fixes That Made Me 6 Figures In 2018


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  1. Really digging the thumbnail style on this vid haha

  2. Hi can you please review my store I am having a really hard time. I have quit my fulltime job for this.

  3. where's the checklist? Fraud…

  4. Hi dan, great content as always. just wondering If i could get that Checklist since it's over 1k likes? Thank you.

  5. So where is the link to this so called, "Checklist" over 1k likes

  6. Where is that cheat sheet Dan? you've got 1000 likes already!

  7. I know your super busy I need help with my store

  8. I would like a review on my store specifically my two collections below. im thinking redoing my store to be more around these two collections


  10. Dam, just when I thought my site was almost finished, looks like I got more work to do..Thanks Dan

  11. Dan can you review my store I'd really appreciate it vaecron(dot)com

  12. Great content. Took away a lot of good info. 1000 likes = checklist
    Where is the link???

  13. Great video, it's on 1000 likes was the link to the checklist removed?

  14. Dan, I Love You Man!!! Thanks for the value and especially for the shopify masterclass free course! I'm getting ready to open my first store and hopefully enrol for the paid course so that i get info to scale soon.

  15. Where is the link for the checklist..? 🙂

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