[SHOPIFY SUCCESS STORY 2018] $13,000 OVER NIGHT on Shopify Dropshipping Store

[SHOPIFY SUCCESS STORY 2018] $13,000 OVER NIGHT on Shopify Dropshipping Store


[SHOPIFY SUCCESS STORY] $13,000 OVER NIGHT on Shopify Dropshipping Store
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🔥[PROOF] $13,000 OVER NIGHT on Shopify Dropshipping

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  1. vid [31] shopify store – work smarter quadruple income

  2. How many days of advertisements did you do before your first sale?

  3. hope oneday i can see that numbers on my screan

  4. Please, teach me!
    I want to join the free YouTube and Shopify course

  5. Hey @jordan When you are exporting your video after you are editing them how big are your files if they are about 10 min. Mine are big say 4-600 MB. That seems to big to me, im using adobe premiere. Let me know what your settings are for your program. Thanks 🙂

  6. These videos always catch my attention lol

  7. How can you prove that these numbers are real, and that you didnt just change the numbers through the html?

  8. Hi, Jordan. Im enrolled in your YouTube videos course.
    Not related question: What program do you recommend to create an email list for my business?

  9. Jordan I just purchased your training. I'm very exited. I want to say bye to my 0730-1630

  10. I'm In Need Of Serious Help.😰

  11. Do you have a Instagram? Would love to collab on there!

  12. I only need money to eat and pay my rent, i know it is impossible that you teach for free… but i dared 🙂 even when i will see an empty message or a big no or a mocking face… But i can say i tried.


  13. Do you update your course as you go and find new methods?

  14. Would love to win the courses. I would take action on everything I learn immediately

  15. looking forward to seeing those kind of numbers 🙂

  16. Jordan, is your main Shopify store that earned you $13,000 overnight a general or niche store?

  17. Hope you choose me for that shopify course! I would love to get the kind of results you're getting!

  18. Hello again Jordan……Killing it as usual I see 🙂 Would be cool to take a look at your Shopify course! I picked up your YT course a couple weeks ago….but since have spun up my own T-shirt Shopify store. About 100 bucks into FB ads but no traction. Going to take a different angle now and target a new audience. Appreciate the fresh videos…

  19. I've been watching you're videos for a while now and I really like your transparency – it's refreshing. You'll receive many blessings tenfold for sure.

  20. Jordan it’s taking forever to get monetized…any advice

  21. To bad I already have both courses 👍

  22. Picked up the youtube course and have been putting in the work, Im looking forward to whats to come man thank you

  23. Nice work! Keep dropping the value!

  24. Awesome, no one shows the results and proof like you do! p.s. pick me!!

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