Shopify Tutorial for Beginners: How to Build A Shopify Store that Converts [STEP-BY-STEP 2019]

Shopify Tutorial for Beginners: How to Build A Shopify Store that Converts [STEP-BY-STEP 2019]


How to build a converting Shopify Store from beginning to end in 2019. Creating a converting store is very important and something to take your time doing. Follow this tutorial to see exactly what I do to make my stores convert higher. Ask yourself, why send traffic to your website if you can’t convert on it. This is Part 2 of a free mini-course on Shopify Dropshipping in 2019. This video covers: How to Build a Shopify Store, Shopify Website Examples, Ideas for Online Store, Shopify Website Design, and more. It is a step-by-step process from beginning to end, where I will pick a winning product and build a store around it.

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In This Video I Cover:
0:59 Type Of Store
2:18 Gmail Account
3:00 Create Store
General Settings
10:05 Online Store Preferences
11:25 Domains
14:01 Oberlo
16:05 Product Descriptions
18:20 Theme Design
Home Page
26:45 Apps

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