Shopify Tutorial for Beginners | How To Create A Profitable Shopify Store From Zero in 2018!

Shopify Tutorial for Beginners | How To Create A Profitable Shopify Store From Zero in 2018!


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  2. Is Brooklyn a good theme if I have a collection with 25+ variants? Can you recommend a theme that compliments collections with about 15+ variants? Thank you.

  3. Thank for this great video quite rich. But the code for timber.scss.liquid is not working for me, there is no error in the code. Thanks

  4. Hi Tam, this is a great video. I have one question…how can we change the payment gateway on the footer menu? thanks.

  5. Thank you so much. As a beginner, I've learned so much. Please post more videos.

  6. I'm thinking about creating a shopify shop, can I create a super hero store and sell products of the known heroes? deadpool, hulk etc.

  7. Tam thanks for info you make me laugh at the beginning kkk thanks again

  8. Canva also has a new logo creation section if you just want a quick and easy logo design. A lot of free ones that are very diverse and you can edit and modify yourself. I'm loving it. I also discovered that Shopify has free stock photos in their editor. Which blew my mind.

  9. Love your teaching if I pay you can you send me that code

  10. Thankyou another idea 🙂

  11. Guys I swear I just got free $5641_real money from this_amazing website>>>> Try once.

  12. Yes definitely using Brooklyn

  13. Hi Tam, Great video! But #AddToCart— doesn't work for me. Can you please advise? I copied the coding below

    #AddToCart–product-template {
    width: 100%;

  14. Tam , I need serious help the bottom of my website is saying Liquid error in tag ‘section’ -‘footer is not a valid section type.

  15. Highly valuable, I like to see some other videos. thanks Tam

  16. Huge value, I would love hear your strategy on placing Facebook ads!

  17. is it leagal to copy pictures from google of "fast shipping" or "secure site"?????

  18. #AddToCart–product–teplatre…….
    Dosent work
    Any. Suggestion plz..

  19. Most people that try selling on Shopify fail! Sign up for this webinar and learn how you can get your store making, $100- $200+ a day in a week

  20. This is a smart video, I have had my shop forever and it's getting expensive its only crocheted skullcaps and scarves. Took forever to get the inventory up, now I am finally happy with it. Most of my customers are from chatting online. Etsy is a lot of work the customer service stinks, I am doing better on ebay and it's so much easier. Peace and Hugs KP


  22. Dude! Thanks for the video and all of the knowledge.

  23. Great Great video, there is a couple of spots you rush through, like the secure checkout logo. I worked it out though. This is the best tutoriel iv wtched. Would love to see more on setting out collections

  24. Thanks, fantastic info really clear and great teaching style – hey question I had already built site in Debut theme and when you showed the timber.scss.liquid it wasn't found any suggestions for this theme?

  25. Awesome review for starters like myself, just please show your mouse in future videos!

  26. Can you make videos on fb ads and ig influencers and how you would approach the marketing process? Do you check the orders on Aliexpress or search at first on IG influencers page to find a potential product?

  27. UNique Tips with codes inserting, have never seen that insane details for improving the design and navigation. Thank you man

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