Shopify Tutorial For Beginners: How To Create A Profitable Shopify Store (Step by Step 2019)

Shopify Tutorial For Beginners: How To Create A Profitable Shopify Store (Step by Step 2019)


🤩How to create a Shopify store in 2019 from scratch step by step! The BEST Tutorial Online In 2019 For Beginners and…
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If you want to start a store online or get started with dropshiping you will need to create a Shopify to get started. If you want to know how to setup Shopify then this video is the best one to watch.

I’m not only going to show you how to start your own online store but I will show you the best theme so your store looks amazing.

The first step is to start your 14 day free shopify trial. This will give you 14 days to try out the ecommerce dropshipping platform without spending any money.

Once you have put in the details we can start creating your ecommerce website. The first thing you want to do is install the free theme called venture. This is the best theme that looks clean.

When building your Shopify store it’s important you have a beautiful theme and learn how to use it.

Next step when learning how to create a shopify store is to start importing products once you have customized the theme.

I would recommend using the Shopify app called Oberlo to import product from Aliexpress if you are doing dropshipping.

If you aren’t doing dropshipping then you can import product manually to Shopify. I show you how to add products in the video.

Main Video Shortcuts:

1:19 – How to start a Shopify store on the trial
3:40 – Choosing the best free theme
12:11 – How to create a store collection
29:02 – Manually add products to your site
34:04 – Use Oberlo to import products to Shopify
54:30 – How to Install pixel codes
55:53 – Setup Shopify payment options
1:01:04 – Set up shipping

Those are the main points in this Shopify tutorial for beginners. I hope this helped you learn how to create your own Shopify store in 2019.

My videos are for educational purposes only. I get commission if you sign up to the trial via my link above.


  1. Claim Free Shopify Trial: 👉
    Full eCom Training + Mentorship (CLOSING SOON)

  2. Hi, can you tell me in Shopify, how to have the customers to upload the files when they want to send the file as email attachment, Can you send me step to setup in the shopify. Thanks

  3. 9:32 Down to at least 500 MB, you say xD
    Reminds me of the time in high school when we weren't allowed to have games and a variety of other things in our documents because they were synced across the network to multiple computers, so it would take up tons of storage space and a lot of time to sync on a new computer (beside the obvious issue of playing games during class :D).
    Our admin started going around and periodically deleting questionable stuff from our documents, so we found a way to pack everything into a zip/rar file, and then pack that into an image without breaking it.
    So we had 16×16 pixel smiley icons multiple gigabytes in size xD

  4. I rarely comment on YouTube videos, but I am so thankful for finding this video. It has truly helped me start my Shopify store, and it was extremely informative!!!

  5. You are not that good at the megabytes thing. Anyway thanks for the video.

  6. I wanna see the proof that this store made money lmao

  7. Thanks a lot, your video is great, step by step and my store is almost good to go live, the best tutorial I have found so far. Its just unfortunate that I found your video when I had my store already set up, I would have loved to use your link as a thank you for your good tutorial.

  8. I don’t understand. Help!
    When the costumers order the products than we go to Aliexpress to order it and ship to the costumers, right?
    So Does it mean we get the money from the costumers than we get the money to order the product and ship it to the customer?

  9. I have a store already up and running however i want to redesign the title above is this something that is covered in the course?

  10. That's the easy part. Driving the traffic, this is tough

  11. thank you so much for this depth explaining.
    quick question at 1:01:01 , when your your selection the top 5 countries, are those the only countries your customer can shop from ?

  12. What happens if the customer wants to return the item?

  13. Frank, did u receive my email? Im in the dark.

  14. Can i do this even if im in philippines?

  15. thank you for the tutorial …. highly appreciated! Now I able to at least make my Shopify store looks more REAL than before …

  16. Hi Franklin. Love the content and the videos. Thanks for sharing it. I am currently doing your 4 part Super Affiliate clickfunnels course. Having an issue though. I have sent multiple emails to with questions but I haven't gotten any replies. Is there a better email or way to contact you to get access to your Affiliate Club and to ask questions? Thanks

  17. Happy new year man and heres to a massive 2019. Recently done a $0-1000 challenge on my channel, check it out if interested.

  18. On 1:06:52 you say that "I don't know which one is good now a days" ..does it mean you stopped doing ecom stores and focusing only on doing courses?

  19. hi. ur video is good. pls explain more about payment for developing country. coz online international payment is not going so good. if u explain its many people want to follow ur lesson. also some of the programms aren't working in the countries. if u explain about these we will be very happy and always will grate to u

  20. I'm a fashion designer from Jamaica, how can I up load my clothing items on shopify

  21. Thank's 4 this brotha, you tha truth! 😀

  22. Great video. The best thing to do is to practice and play around with shopify and oberlo, create a workflow and find the right products. The venture theme is nice, another great free theme is the supply theme. Greetz.

  23. Very Helpful for Beginners please make more videos in this series

  24. wont the epackets take quite a long time to get to the destination? i remember waiting 2 weeks or even longer for products on aliexpress. With that being said, dont you want to try and find suppliers in the usa? In my experience customers are impatient. Also the products on aliexpress tend to be made more on the cheap side and you get what you pay for. Those are my only concerns with aliexpress/orberlo.

  25. Great content! I'm going to join ecom elites soon.

  26. How will the sellers receive money from my shopify store? Sorry, noob here

  27. Frankyy Freshh Strikes Again

  28. Really good content thank you and happy new year

  29. Hi Franklin I just watched the video and I really liked it, I have a couple of questions:
    1. Is it possible to ask the customers for their email to have an email list? As you said in other videos an email list is the best asset we can have.
    2. Can I sell cilckbank products in shopify?

  30. so much value .. thanks … i swear to god that i am saving for getting your paid lessons … see you soon in the other side

  31. Nice 1 Frank. Once again a well put together video…. I am just creating my first website from one of your videos. "how to start a website for $100". WOW. It's mad how much you gotta take in. I haven't got any money to buy the pro version of yoast SEO, so I gotta do it the hard way. It's taken me a month to learn the SEO stuff (just basics), now I'm getting Green happy smiley faces on my reading and keywords, most times. (still not 100%. But, that's better than when I started). 🙂 Buzzin…… I'm a bit confused about the privacy and legal stuff for the website. You've explained that well in this video. Have you got a Video or do you know a good place to go for that info? As I am using this for making money and don't wanna get caught out, I've already hit a few brick walls. lol

  32. 1 hour video fullll of value boi nice one

  33. I've been waiting for you to this.. thanks so much

  34. Wish other mentors did this

  35. Nice video man! I tried several stores…never break the winner product line! =(

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