Shopify Tutorial For Beginners STATER GUIDE

Shopify Tutorial For Beginners STATER GUIDE


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When it comes to starting a Shopify Dropshipping business, there aren’t too many requirement’s. This is one of the reason’s why Shopify Dropshipping is such a huge opportunity for anyone looking to start an online business. Juan Valdez

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If you have looked into ecommerce software, chances are that you’ve bumped into Shopify. Since Shopify is the preferred ecommerce software for many businesses, more than 600,000 businesses in 175 countries in fact, it’s something you should seriously consider for your own business. Shopify is a great cloud-based choice with low startup costs and an easy-to-use interface from which you can promote, sell, and ship your products.

I mean, with Shopify, it’s possible to run a complete online store quickly for as low as $9/month! That is pretty dang awesome!

However, when it comes to actually starting a store with Shopify, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Shopify does their best to make the setup process easy, but setting up and running an ecommerce store takes a lot of thought and work.

So, if you feel like a “dummy” for not knowing much about Shopify, this article will change that! Let’s learn everything you need to know about the online service in this Shopify tutorial!

What is Shopify?
Shopify is a complete ecommerce online service that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods. Shopify handles everything from marketing and payments to secure checkout and shipping so you can focus on the things you love! Shopify is truly an amazing “one-stop shop” for ecommerce business owners because who doesn’t want a single interface to organize all the moving pieces of their business?

But, all of those services can make the platform feel a bit complex, yeah?

If you are new to ecommerce online and don’t know much about web development or coding, don’t worry. Shopify offers a comprehensive ecommerce web builder that has customizable templates you can easily set up to represent and promote your ecommerce business.

Since any ecommerce platform is an investment and you want to make sure its something you like, Shopify makes it easy to test their’s out with a 14-day free trial. On top of that, Shopify is also pretty hands on in the setup process. They offer a number of helpful articles and employee chat rooms to assist with any problem that arises.

No need to fear, you and your ecommerce business are in good hands with Shopify.

How Much Does Shopify Cost?
So, the next question is, how much does something this great cost?

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