Shopify Tutorial – How to put products On Sale

Shopify Tutorial – How to put products On Sale


Learn how to create a simple system to put shopify products on sale. Show the regular price and the sale price with an on-sale sign.
This system will help you remember that some thing needs to come off of sale.


  1. Amazing Tutorial which I got from you <3 Thank you so Much, Sir!

  2. This helped so much! Thank you!

  3. This was an excellent tutorial. Thank you for the presentation.

  4. hey i want to thank you for the tutorial very helpful i just have one question : how did you add the sale icon (lil red Sale logo over the item?) is that a code? plug in? please do tell thank you

  5. Great video! How do you put all items on sale? I'm using Supply theme.

  6. What theme did you use in the video? Is supply theme not enabled for this?

  7. Thanks for this video. However, I followed your instruction in my store but didn't work for me. I'm using Supply Shopify theme.

  8. Is it possible to do this for bulk items? For example, the item has five variants and you want to put all 5 on sale. Great vid btw!! 🙂

  9. Just what I was looking for! Thank you!

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