Shopify Tutorial – Product Images – Best practices for appearance and load times

Shopify Tutorial – Product Images – Best practices for appearance and load times


In this Shopify tutorial you will learn how to plan and load your images so they look great on your website collection pages. You will learn about aspect ratios, file size in pixels, correct file sizes that balances page load times and image clarity. I also give planning tips so your website will have a pleasant professional look.

If you follow my tips, you will save yourself a lot of time going back to tweak your website images because of slow page render and ugly looking collection pages.

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  1. HI Robert and thanks for your helpful Youtube . I don't know if you can help but in my Treadmill Collections page (Atlantic theme) , I go to page two and instead of having all four treadmills lined up in one line, I have two stacked on top of the final two? I've checked sizes and aspect ratios and they are pretty consistent. Any suggestions?

  2. Ohh great idea🙋. I can work best clipping path or background remove services for Amazon, eBay or other Market place here👉👉

  3. OMG 1666 orders :DDDD youŗe lucky!!!

  4. Hey Robert Thanks but is there way where I can have an alternate image when one clicks on the product then on the main page? It seems the default image in the main page is the default image one the add to cart page, I think an automatic contrast of image would be beneficial in showing my product

  5. hey buddy thanx for the info. i was using another software to resize then upload. Yeah. A lotta work.

  6. I change the 350 – 450 pixels on a fashion image and it showed up blurry on my website plus my magnifier app did not work. ummmmmm any ideas?

  7. Hey bud do you have any recommendations for where I can get a good company logo

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