Shopify tutorials – add tabs for product descriptions without apps

Shopify tutorials – add tabs for product descriptions without apps


For download the code:


  1. Idk I found another way around…
    isntead creating new snippet for the descriptions
    go in the section product-template locate the description div and remove it
    it wont show the description above only the tabed one

  2. Thank you very much for your tutorial. But I have an issue on mobile, it is not responsive. Someone has any solutions?

  3. You guys you don't need to write all your product descriptions inside a snippet, especially if you already have a ton of products already added.
    Just follow this here. It's the same tutorial but doesn't put the descriptions in a snippet.

  4. I problem with my production tabs. The pictures in between there is whites spacing, how I do I eliminate that?Please help…<div class="cgt-desc">
    <ul class="tabs clearfix">
    <li><a href="#tab-1" class="active">Description</a></li>
    <div class="cgt-content">
    <div id="tab-1" class="tab active">
    <center><img src="" alt="iPhone X-1" /><img src="" alt="iPhone X-2" /><img src="" alt="”iPhone" x-3="" /><img src="" alt="iPhone X-4" /><img src="" alt="iPhone X-5" /><img src="" alt="iPhone X-6" /><img src="" alt="iPhone X-7" /><img src="" alt=" iPhone X-8" /></center>

  5. I got 30 products as of writing. So, I'm f*cked coz I have to code each?

    Edit: Took 1 hour to do the code. And 10 minutes to undo it.

  6. hi guy ! @matanhadasi thank u 4 the tuto. i tried to add the page section on the {{ pages.Returns.content }}. but it doesn't work even with the big word. can you help me out plz ??

  7. So you have to do each and every ducking description? SOooooo dumb if you have 50+ products. Big thumbs down!!!!. Wasted an hour watching this vid.

  8. thank you so much. I like all your shopify tutorial.

  9. Hey I was able to create those tabs, but I would like to write the description in the product page not in the product.descriptions liquid page. How can I do that?

  10. I don't have theme.js in the folder section, should I creat it?

  11. Hey my Friend thanks!!! But Why when I open the product page the content of the Tabs is already displayed ??? I mean: when page loads the content of the 3 tabs is already showing below of the tabs ! (is not hiding)

  12. Hey, I was just wandering if there is a way in which i change the font

  13. hey , do you do this for clients – i could do with some help.

  14. Hello,

    I have 4 tabs to do:
    – Description => will always change
    – Delivery and return => the delivery will always change, not the return sentence
    – Secure payment => always the same sentences
    – Contact => always the same sentences

    You should know as well that I import 1538 products from a CSV file ans I need the description of each product and the Delivery conditions to be filled in automatically.
    So will it be possible? Will i need to create a new column in my CSV to include the Delivery conditions?

    I followed the tuto and I have several issues:
    – When I click on my tab "Secure payment" and "contact", nothing happened. The content is not written but weird because I linked it to my Pages.
    – How do I remove the description above? I can't do the same as you because the content is always changing..

    If you could help me, I would be really (really really) relieved!

  15. I would like to make a tab , ============ 3 different tab and 3 different content for all products . How

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