Shopify UNITE: The Power of Webhooks

Shopify UNITE: The Power of Webhooks


Shopify Developer Kevin Hughes gives a technical overview of using Webhooks with your Shopify App at Unite: Shopify’s partner and developer conference.


  1. can we create webhook without using the Shopify partner? Can we use the private app which we can able to create in the Shopify dashboard itself to create the webhook?

  2. I don't mean to sound negative but this is way over the head of the average person trying to get their shopify store going. Somebody needs to explain this in more simple terms. Not all of us know what all of the letters stand for in you presentation. I am 73 and you probably think that Grandma needs to go make a quilt or something, but I am very sharp and am trying to learn. If you have a more simplified presentation that is geared to those of us that did not grow up in the electronic era please let me know. You will have to hand it to me at least I have guts to try.

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