Start Shopify Dropshipping As A Broke Teenager

Start Shopify Dropshipping As A Broke Teenager


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Learn how to start Shopify dropshipping as a broke teenager. This is how you can start dropshipping with no money. Find out if I recommend starting Shopify as a teen. Hit SUBSCRIBE for more insane value!

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  1. I wish I would have seen this video I advertised myself broke. No sales. Will someone look over my store ?!

  2. Honestly my family needs this.. I don't lie when I say our whole family struggles to get by I don't even own a bed I want something better I started my shop but I don't have a way to get sales

  3. Hey im 13, tried shopify before but I think I rushed into it. This summer Im looking to try again, do you think $150-200 is enough to start?

  4. Do you recommend buying a course before starting drop shipping?

  5. Hi Braden 😀 i just want to thank you for your awesome videos and the incredible value you are bringing.

    I am 17 and will turn 18 in September. i am currently saving up money so i can have a budget when i start my dropshipping business, Currently i have around 2K that i can spend freely and i just want to ask you. do you recommend using some kind of 3PL just to lower the shipping time and make the brand actually feel more lika an brand?

    Would love to hear what you think about this 🙂

  6. Im only 14 and thinking about dropshipping i have $900 to start off i am probably going to get a mentor, to lead me in the right path do you think this is a good idea? Thanks, Joey

  7. Neither broke nor a teenager but I love your content!

  8. If I tested a product and got around 3 purchases but wasn't profitable, and I want to test another product, should I use a new pixel or will the previous visits/targeting/conversions not affect new products? I have tested the pixel with around 15-25 ad sets. Let me know your advice on whether or not I should create a new ad account for testing new products?

  9. Mate you need to break down the figures if your going to make a video like this , people understand a lot better this way a few examples would also help

  10. I'm 17 im so poor 😔 dropped out collage

  11. I really want to know the intro music!

  12. Hi Braden Im a 17 year old and I am very interested in ecom. If I buy your course is it going to teach me what i need to know about drop-shipping and becoming profitable in this field of work? I want your honest opinion. It is my dream to become successful with ecom. Please lmk!!! Thank You!!!!!!!

  13. Sorry, how can a broke teenager do this if they have to place the order with a credit card once their customer has placed the order. This isn't one hundred percent free and most teenagers do not have a credit card. So like yeh.

  14. Do you have any advice starting a clothing niche business?

  15. Glad I found your channel man you seem like an honest person. Nothing but valuable information you provide

  16. Do your research, work with friends, invest smart. That’s all he really says in 10 minutes

  17. I’m 15 and I have $300, I kinda know about Shopify Drop-shipping and want to start a store but I’m scared that I’m going to lose my money..

  18. And whats a mid level niche? Can you name some suggestions

  19. Thnx for making this vid for me braden ,its the first time i see my comment in a video tnx man !!

  20. Braden I’m 23 and been failing with Shopify for 2 years. Can I still make it if I start again and avoid misstakes? Is it still viable? I feel like a failure

  21. Great content keep it 👍🏻

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