STARTING A SHOPIFY STORE! Shopify Store Setup Walkthrough For Beginners

STARTING A SHOPIFY STORE! Shopify Store Setup Walkthrough For Beginners


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  1. Guys how did you get to shipping why can no one has a vedio for disabled people,???? Slower and point by point. I guess back to the other vedio I m so confused already started good but how due you got to set up shipping 🤔

  2. Could anyone tell me how to list a product in between two other products.  Thanks

  3. Hello and thank you for this tutorial. If I may…. I would like to ask that in any future tutorials that you talk to the person you have as a Guest/Pro of a subject off camera before you start recording and explain that this recording will be foe Beginners to the subject and ask him to please not rush through the set up of the subject. Its a very very important process and you're talking to newbies. I do thank you for trying to get hime to slow down and expiate the steps like you were new to it instead of treating like your viewers have wealth of experience in the process and we should pickup on the lingo, abbreviations and subject matter. I noticed he seemed to look directly at you instead of the camera which may explain why he felt the urgency or lack of patience for you try to get the vital steps to be addressed by him. Kudos to you on doing the best you could in the situations though. I must say it was very informative despite me have to constantly pause, rewind and zoom in and out, back and forth on your screen to follow where your very fast moving cursor was and what you or he clicked on to get to where you were at the time. I followed as well as I could but somethings still eluded me. Like when you discussed the URL redirects. Me being a beginner an not under the terms URL shortener or Bitly and how it could go to the links that I desire. Of course being as diligent as I am I paused to go look the terms up. The thing is a lot of views won't do what I did…. and could easily be discouraged with the assumption that they should know what you two were talking about. Lastly I would have liked to have sent this comment directly to you in some form but this is the only way I know of contacting you due to my ignorance of any other ways of reaching you at this time. Thanks again for the information. I'll put it to good use.

  4. What happened to shopify ?!??!

  5. Dude go kill it! Shopify has allowed me to quit my job and have so much more freedom. Ecom is the best.

  6. I’m selling ads on my Instagram page @dailytrending

  7. inbefore the $10,000.00 start your shopify with no money course

  8. Awesome i like this content very raw

  9. This is Awesome. Thank You.

  10. I can't believe your not selling white boards! lol


  12. I'm from Ghana and am new to all this . i will like to know more . so can you do something about people from Africa who also want to start drop shipping

  13. U should check out Vertcoin 🙂 I think it has great potential tbh!

  14. I think you forgot Danny D's link in the description!

  15. Welcome to zee shopify game dood =)

  16. Are you mining xp in the background +tannerjfox? 😀

  17. I think we'll see a whiteboard product from Tanner in the near future.

  18. Paid off my car and made a budget for myself and I will be able to save start amazon in a little over a month!

  19. Pictures in the description?? I’ve never heard of that before?? What’s the point of that, if all the images are right next to the description? 🤘🤘

  20. Hey Tanner? Are you going to Fiverr for a logo or to a Branding Expert?

  21. I'm not watching the rest of this series unless you're both wearing that avocado shirt

  22. we need more of you two !
    keep rocking !

  23. Great video man! Love the way you communicate and how easy it looks to be.

  24. This is what I started doing this time last year and yes Chinese New Year was a pain. I ended up closing the store down after a few months as I was in a niche that was over saturated on amazon, eBay and wish. I got over 70,000 post engagements on one Facebook post about my product but still not many sales due to people being able to buy it on amazon and have it within 3 days rather than mine and waiting 20-40 days. I didn’t like that side of Shopify but did learn about Facebook ads which led me to Ryan Hildreth and then to Tanner. I’ve now been able to quit my job and start a social media marketing business all in the space of a few months learning all about Facebook ads. YouTube is pretty cool 😎 thanks Ryan and Tanner… your videos have changed my life for the better in the short term now looking at the big gains long term. 👍

  25. Im curious to see a Vid about Cell

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