STOP DOING THESE THINGS (Beginners advice) – Shopify Drop-shipping

STOP DOING THESE THINGS (Beginners advice) – Shopify Drop-shipping


Do you want ALREADY selling products along with the link to their store (Inspiration) PLUS —
2 facebook interests sent to your phone? Click below and read more 😉

If that does not work type in your search bar:
“” ♦3 Profitable Niches:
♦ Instagram Marketing:
♦ ADVANCED overall checklist:
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  1. Comment ELTD for some loveeeee

  2. So you’re saying I shouldn’t be selling rubbers to monks? Darn it… 😂

  3. That old man makes my day every time I see it. I want to open a store on but that is huge to start up alone for my second store. Let team up. Also I own

  4. I missed this video and i just opend my store with Facebook ads 😂 but im advertising on instagram too

  5. So much knowledge bro, God bless you for helping people like me !!

  6. Let me know what I should change about my website:

  7. Hi Sebastian!!! I love your videos, always so helpful. I would appreciate if you could take a look at my store and tell me, what is your opinion?
    I haven't been able to make many sales yet
    Thank you!

  8. Very helpful thank you. Still working on sale #1

  9. Is a technology store a good niche

  10. Thanks, Sebastian for putting a value to e-commerce business, Urtasker provides expert Amazon VAs to handle all of those tasks that are holding you back from focusing on growing your biz. PPC, listing optimization, customer service etc. Also for online sellers on eBay, Shopify, Walmart, and Jet.

  11. Is Cannabis impossible niche? As far as I know I can't target weed with FB ads?

  12. Hi , with regards to yr drop shipping course, is it a one to one training session or a group video coaching? How long does the course last?
    Any email to contact?

  13. I was trying many times at beginning from FB ADS and results is almost ZERO SALES……:( Maybe you right with Instagram, I'll try this method thanks for this vdeo!

  14. Hi Sebastian, love your videos and been watching your youtube vids and they provide great content and its very helpful as just starting dropshipping and on my first weeks. Appreciate if I can get still a 50% discount on your course. Thank you in advance! #ELTD

  15. Is it ok to open a shop with one-two products? Cause in many videos people talk only about one product, and I wonder wouldn't it make my shop absolutely unprofessional? Thanks for the video man, very useful information!

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