These 3 Things Make Your Shopify Store Look MUCH More Legitimate (They’re so easy too)

These 3 Things Make Your Shopify Store Look MUCH More Legitimate (They’re so easy too)


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Making your store look legitimate is ridiculously important, but so many people overlook this process. In this video, I tell you three main things that you need to make sure you have down to ensure that your website looks 100% legitimate.

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  1. Such helpful advice! And not too bad to look at too 😉 You single?

  2. Excellent advice. You da man! LOL Thank you.

  3. I didn't saw many dropshipping masters on YT but your content is really helpful! Thanks a lot for your your content. I helped me really organized all the things that have had to be done.

  4. Hey man I need to bounce a couple ideas off of someone. Can we chat?

  5. your videos would benefit from having visual examples, either user submitted or examples that you find yourself. i personally understand all of these things because i went to school for it but i know that all these words won't necessarily mean anything to most people.

    then agian… weeding out some people who don't understand the basic aspects of all these things might not be a very bad idea anyway, but still the great ideas are more appealing to everyone when they are visualized anyway no matter the level of skill, even if it just serves as inspiration.

  6. Hi Zach,
    Why do people always put the trust badges below the add to cart button? I never see them on big brand website pages. Is there anywhere else to place them to still add trust for your store? thanks hun xxx

  7. This guy is gonna be huge! Very informative, thank you.

  8. Hey awesome video your a great mentor do you know anyway of moving aliexpress reviews onto my page

  9. so should you try to sell them the item or just give descriptions and features

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