Things You Need To Start A Shopify Dropshipping Business

Things You Need To Start A Shopify Dropshipping Business


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In this video I want the things you need to start a Shopify Dropshipping business. There are many business opportunities online. All online business has their own set of startup requirement’s.

When it comes to starting a Shopify Dropshipping business, there aren’t too many requirement’s. This is one of the reason’s why Shopify Dropshipping is such a huge opportunity for anyone looking to start an online business.

Find out how you can start your Shopify Dropshipping business with little to no capital, and easy to access resources!

Make sure to watch the video till the end to learn about how you can start your own Shopify Dropshipping business just like how I did.


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Hi my name is Juan Valdez, I am a college dropout & an a eCommerce entrepreneur. On my channel you can find cutting edge business & eCommerce Strategies. The purpose of my channel is to help all aspiring entrepreneurs by learning from some of my experiences within business, marketing & entrepreneurship.

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  1. i just subscribed to your channel and you have really good information. I'm a beginner and your videos are really helping me. Do you also use google ad? and if you do can you make a video about. thanks a lot 🙂

  2. Hey Juan – love you vids mad props to you and your team. I hope to be there some day. I just started this whole shopify store thing.. you are my new mentor bro – keep up the great vids. I'll keep you posted on m progression. I have saved up some nickels and dimes already… now just doing my home work on everything.

    I agree with what you said about – at the end of the day its about your earning but more importantly what you learn from the whole experience. The knowledge and experience you take from all this is priceless.

  3. Which camera do you use to make this video?

  4. Would you do a video of the books that you read that helped you get better at advertising/marketing, etc. I see a couple on your desk but I can't really read the titles.

  5. Super proud of watching a dominican brother killing it. Pa' lante mi pana!

  6. Buy a proper mic bruh

  7. you should make a video about how much you should pay influencers and how many hours an ad should run for. Is 3hrs enough? Is 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours or permanent the optimal shoutout time?

  8. Que lo que! Juan ! Me and a homie of mine just launched some FB ads & hopefully we get some sakes going on. Great content on the p2p. See you &?Samir soon

  9. What's up Juan, just wanna thank you and Samir for everything! All the valuable knowledge isn't going to waste over here man. I have a quick question, I was looking through some products and I found one it's real cheap but it only sells in bulks from the site, these products can definitley be sold individually for good profit so how would I set that up on a store? A response would be greatly appreciated !

  10. LMAO life of a YouTuber, take after take. Great video bro, love the canvases behind you too!

  11. Make a video on organization! How to organize all the influencers you message and how many ads you do a day, how you test products and take notes on which ones do well etc…​

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