This is the smart way of organizing your collections in Shopify

This is the smart way of organizing your collections in Shopify


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In this video I want to show you how you should setup your collections. In short, you want your collections to be able to automatically grow as your inventory grows. This is why it is important to set conditions into your collections to make them SMART.

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Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about the technique.


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  1. Very useful and practical – thank you sir.

  2. Thank you, i have spend days trying to figure this out, you are an angel.

  3. how do i make everything to to each individual collection when importing. evrything i import goes to my start.

  4. Great explanation on the how and why. I was having problems wrapping my mind around this but you explained it great. Thanks

  5. how can i link the vendor page to a collection created with the vendor name?

  6. Thank you! You're awesome! I had been confused by the conditions (which one to use) and the choices. I had seen other videos and no one explained "why". They just did it and said this is what you do. And of course, they all did it differently. It clicked into place for me as I watched your video. I just subscribed and off to watch your other videos.

  7. Very thoughtful presentation, I appreciate it.

  8. How do you create a collection within a collection for example accessories and below them necklace and rings and others?

  9. Thank you…thank you. You were so right about this being the easier way! Also about the comment about the "uhs" in comment below. "Uhs" is (could be an are, not sure, and I don't feel like checking it right now. Thank God for Spellcheckers! Have not been ale to get the grammar ones to work a well..any suggestions?) any way…an "uh" is like a comma and not a period. It helps in communication with verbal cues. It also helps the speaker to adjust his brain to continue the teaching. Of course, there will be people passing out all over the world. You see there is a difference between a speech and a tutorial. If you do not agree, that's OK cuz, I'm old.

  10. Thank you for the video. I am having a problem where every time I push a product to my Shopify it appears on all my collections. Not just at the intended one. Can you please, help

  11. My products are not showing up in my collections. I entered the collection name when I created each product under "collections" but there are only products on my home page…and only 2 products are showing up in the "home page collection." How do I get the products to register that they are in a specific collection?
    Thank you so much!!

  12. Awesome, thank you for sharing the info.

  13. Great content. I am having problems with my collections only one of my collections seems to be working any tips on how to make the others work???

  14. Constructive criticism here, I know it kind of hurts to say this but, if you edit out all the word whiskers like ….. uuuhh it would make this video ten times better. Because all those ….uhs are annoying and distracting. Thanks for the good info in your video.

  15. Awesome, awesome stuff. Love it! Your vids are all great. Had an interesting thought, but I don't want to jam all your comment boxes – check your inbox? –Evan

  16. Thank you so much for your videos; I must say that I am really impressed!

  17. Hi Robert. Thank you for your training videos! I've only just "discovered" you & your videos, so forgive me if a similar question has been asked before:
    I'm building a Jewelery Store ( and I'd like your advice/ suggestions re: Collecxtions/ Menus please. I'm planning to have Mens, Ladies, Kids/Teenagers as well as "Special Interest" sections eg Bikers, Dogs, Cats, Valentines, Xmas etc. For each of these, there will be"subdivisions" like Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Watches, Sets etc
    How would you suggest I do this? Mens/ Womens etc as the top levels & Bracelets, Rings etc as sub-divisions, or vice versa?
    Thank you for your Time. Peter

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