Turning $100 Into $56,450 with Shopify Dropshipping (How I Did It)

Turning $100 Into $56,450 with Shopify Dropshipping (How I Did It)


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  1. ➜ Dropshipping Mastery Course ("300OFF" coupon code expires monday): http://bit.ly/iDropshippingMastery

  2. Hope you will choose me.I really need you

  3. I've done all the things. I also wrote you on ig.

  4. So, my question is are you selling worldwide or only USA to reach this amount.
    2. Are you using a US supplier who sells the same product to reduce shipping time?
    3. How much approx. are you paying to page influencers?
    4. Can you mention about how much are you paying to apps as well. Totaly you must be beginning with more than a 100 $. So kindly explain more.

  5. Looking forward to seeing you as my coach and mentor, I've completed all necessary requirements, that is subscription, liked and also turned on the notification 🤞. I really liked it, it was simple and understandable, It won't be boring if you talk for 5 hrs😂😂😂

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  7. instead of using pages cant you use ads instead

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  9. What about teddy bear drop shipping is it worth to do?
    Is it make profit
    If any one have any experience on it
    Comment me

  10. Very informative video! Thanks!

  11. How do I set up a call with you ?

  12. Thanks for all these tips…my question is how can u buy Instagram followers?

  13. Love your videos Justin 👏🏻

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  15. What is the difference between a regular influencer and a "mean page" influencer?

  16. Bro your a young boss man I'm about your age and i really need a mentor someone to help me step by step on making a true income from home online all types of things would and could plz help me out bud I'm truly in a tight spot and really need the help
    Hope to here from you soon god bless

  17. it would be so great if i won one of these consulting calls!! i want to get into this but i’m not sure how! i hope i win! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  18. I literally just saw this video today so I’m late for the coupon 😤 Justin HOOK ME UP!

  19. Wow man you deleted a lot of videos from your channel including the ones where you were taking new dropshipping stores to make x amount of profit, will you post those videos again? Those had tons of value, thanks

  20. Love to get the call bro, need some help with my store

  21. Thank you so much for doing what you do

  22. Looking to buy your second instagram influencers list, but what's the lowest cost of an instagram influencer on that list?

  23. I’m sorry I want to learn but I just don’t know what is going on

  24. @Justin Painter after the customer orders a product, do you receive the money and then place the order, or do they place the order and then you use your own money to order the product and then you receive the customer's money?

  25. Bro!! The Gems youre dropping !! Thanks

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  27. thank you for the info… you give awesome advice

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  32. How much should I offer those memepages? Love your videos!!

  33. Hey can you give examples of ig posts influencer marketing …

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  35. Do you need to register with the state or need a tax ID number?

  36. Liked and subscribed fella! Cool Video keep it up.

  37. Thanks – Entered; sorry to hear about your past partner. $15K is serious, but if you had scaled and he waited to burn you, it could have been significantly more… Keep doing what you doing…. it comes back to bless you in the end.

  38. This would be so great in learning how to start a side business.

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