Tutorial: How To Create a Mailchimp Campaign – Beginner’s Guide (2018 Updated Version)

Tutorial: How To Create a Mailchimp Campaign – Beginner’s Guide (2018 Updated Version)


In this video I’m going to walk you through how to create a Mailchimp campaign from start to finish, and show you a few helpful tips that I learned that will make it easier to send email campaigns. This guide is updated to reflect the recent UI design changes that Mailchimp made in early 2018. If you have any questions or if you liked this video, feel free to subscribe for more videos just like this one!

Just getting started with Mailchimp and need to create an account? Click on this link to create an account: http://eepurl.com/cdroQ9

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  1. Great resource. I'm new to Mailchimp. I didn't realize this was for a newsletter. If I have a blog on Squarespace, do how know how I would I link it so that it will show up on the blog? Also, does the coupon code automatically take off the discount when the customers purchase a product?

  2. great video!
    Could you explain also how to personalise the email, like i woul dlike to be able to have each person name on the email…
    When they open it it say,"Hi [name].
    is that possible?
    Thansk a lot

  3. You rock! That was so helpful.

  4. You seem like a Mailchimp pro. I enjoyed this video immensely and it will help me tremendously because I am just starting out. I am hoping i can get some insight from you. I understand that mailchimp now offers us to do our facebook ads through their platform. From my research i have learned that doing video ads are far more effective and get far more views and possibly more engagement. I am wondering if there is a way to do a video facebook ad through mailchimp….I cant find this information anywhere….and its driving me crazy. It appears that I cannot. Do you think Mailchimp will eventually open this feature to their platform? Am I missing something? Can we only do still image and carousel ads?

  5. Nice video and thank you for your content, but I have a single question. Can a single Email considered as a campaign? Can I create with mailchimp a sequence of emails based on viewer's actions?
    thanks in advnace

  6. Can you use the same process to send an eshot?

  7. Really great video, you explain each step so well, this helped me tremendously. Heaps of thanks.

  8. Un tutorial perfecto… Great tutorial… Easy to understand… Great teacher… NAMASTE.

  9. 1) Is this totally free, regardless of how many subscribers I send to? 2) How can I upload a list of emails I'll like to send to, that might not necessarily be subscribers on my website, let's say a list I curated?

  10. Great info! Exactly what I was looking for!

  11. mine says

    A plain-text version of this email will be included automatically. Edit

    Uh oh. We detect default content in your email. You should remove any default text before sending.

    Enable Social Cards

    how do I fix it?

  12. Huge help thank you!
    The tutorial on the site wasn't the best for my learning style.
    I was able to write up and send a test campaign while I watched this and it was way easier.

  13. Very well done. Thank you much.

  14. Thank you very much for this training

  15. Really nice and helpful runthrough. Thanks.

  16. Thank you! This was really helpful! Can you use a first name in the subject line of the email?

  17. I have used mail chimp off n on for a year. Now just really learning how to use it. I am watching another video but it's a year. Is this a complete mail chimp video or do you have a more complete video? Thanks! I''ll watch this one now! Thanks for making it!!

  18. Great tutorial. I learned a few new tricks. Thanks.

  19. Very helpful – thank you.

  20. This was awesome 🙂 Thanks so much, i'm going to be so much more confident going into my trial now. Cheers

  21. Thanks for this- really helpful video. Can I ask- is there a way to also include the unsubscribe option higher up in the email too (e.g. for a newsletter)? Keen to make it very easy for people to do so should they wish. Perhaps it involves copying the code from the bottom? Thanks

  22. Thank you for the video demonstration. Will the recipients see all of the other recipients in the email, or will they only see their own email address/name?

  23. A really informative video, thanks! May I ask you what software have you used to record this video?

  24. Very helpful thank you! Could you expand on an automated email campaign with multiple emails sent out?

  25. So easy to follow along – thank you!

  26. It helped a lot…Thank You!!!!

  27. Great video. Forgive me if I missed it, but is it possible to copy and paste text from another source (i.e. Word) and paste it into a text box?

  28. Very very great video.. Thank you very much! I really appreciate it!

  29. Great video but I’m going to have to find another video to fill in the blanks where you went into ‘fast forward’ mode! For me it was a little ‘quick’ and assumed a level of tech understanding. I’m a non tech person trying to navigate how to send out my first mail.

  30. I think I am locked out of my account. HELP!

  31. Thanks, bro! Great video, very cool company and products. Keep up the great work!

  32. Fantastic, Needed a walk through like that!!!! Thank you

  33. How do I make a campaign I created into an ongoing so I can add scheduled emails to it?

  34. How on earth did you type so fast?????

  35. how did you make your logo??

  36. thank you for this video,very helpful and detailed.how do I access my url for the campaign created to share on other platforms for clients to be able to sign up for my emails and see this campaign created?

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