In this video I will be showing you how to do Shopify Facebook ads targeting if you are dropshipping with Shopify and how I test with Facebook ads to run traffic to my shopify products.

I will be explaining step by step facebook targeting if you are shopify dropshipping products online. This method has helped me generate thousands on my dropshipping store.

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If you would like to learn more about shopify dropshipping, Ecommerce, Facebook ads and more then please do subscribe. I will be doing Shopify tutorials and how to make sales using facebook ads, instagram influencers and email marketing. My aim is to give you as much value as possible showing you what a successful shopify store looks like digging deep into improving your dropshipping stores conversion rate, suggesting which are the best shopify apps to have and sharing tips and tricks so that you can make money online. I will also be sharing with you my shopify success story on how I have become a 7-figure ecom marketer.

DISCLAIMER: Any information or advice I give is purely based on my own experience and research. There is no guarantee as there are many variables that will impact your success. Everything stated should be taken as opinion.


  1. Pretty good
    Free Channels:
    1. Youtube 2. Facebook Group
    Paid Channels:
    1. The Unhooked Method – Manual Bidding Case Study For Facebook Ads

  2. Great video clip. Thank you for discussing online marketing pieces of info.

  3. Whatup bro how long do you let your test ads run for? thanks for the content

  4. Don't you set the "Languages" to English?

  5. How would you know when to stop the ad sets? What indicators do you use to say that the campaign is successful or not? Obviously, there's the conversion which means it was effective. How long do you wait until you cancel the ad when there's no sale?

  6. You videos are awesome man! You’re killin it!

  7. I keep listening to you beast ain't know telling, may get my FB up and going he, he, he thank you love the way you express yourself !

  8. I got the answers for my questions i looked at your free course now i'm smarter haha thanks you the be(a)st

  9. 🔥Beast of Ecom you are the BEST sir🔥 … it is very nice of YOU to give out all this #Purevalue for 100% (free) we all appreciate it🐯

  10. thank you so much for this help dear.. what is your result for this ads

  11. Great video Harry. Awesome stuff your doing here.

  12. i spend 40 dollars testing.i have 1290 visitors but i dont sales any think😭

  13. my pixel purchas it not work.because is it i dont sell any sales

  14. Do you use any PPE? And also if you get any sale do you Only increase the budget or when are you doing LLA? When over 100 watched 95% of video or over 100 unique link clicks? I'm very greatful of you could answer this because your videos are by far the best I've watched, spent $997 on shitty Kevin David

  15. what's up with that KSI look o.O

  16. Thank you man , I love you)

  17. Hi man 👋 I just want to thank you to exist ! I come from Belgium and a lot of french youtubers don't give very useful content like you do. All the interesting content are costly. I hope you 'll continue this and I thank the sky to have seen your channel. Big up from Belgium 🇧🇪🤙

  18. I just want to say, your #VALUEBOMBS are absolutely phenomenal and 10x better than any paid course. Your videos are honestly making me change what I do in my free time and I never thought that I would get such amazing content from a YouTube channel. You honestly deserve millions of subs because your content helps people and you deliver what your title says. I’m just a 14 year old chasing my shopify dreams. Thank you for your awesome content, keep it up! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. Hey Harry , Previously you've tested with WW as well as single US. Now My preference is always Big 5 due to shipping times. Ive had orders to South Africa 3 months shipping times , and other country's so I stopped doing that. Also with WW I see in my breakdown tool that the CPM anc CPC for countries like USA are the same as when I test those country's single. Do you still recommend testing with WW or only E-Packet / USA ? Thanks

  20. You don't flex with engaged shoppers?

  21. hello teacher, a question, what is your facebook ads scaling strategy? Do you duplicate your successful ads?

  22. Please buddy we want to know how to hire a VA or even a whole team. Cause I'm about to have a huge amount of orders but I'm alone. Want to know how to safely hire sombody on upworks or stuff like that to help me.

  23. Harry thank you so much for your great value, you keep inspiring us day by day!

    I need to say something tho…a quick reminder to everyone.
    Targeting is for sure very important but most of you guys don't realize that this is almost the last step in the MARKETING process. You can literally test hundreds of proudcts, but if your AD/CREATIVE sucks, you won't get any sales. People are buying on impulse when they see something on Facebook, they aren't searching the product. So make sure you pursue them and guide them to the purchase! Focus on creating a great AD/ CREATIVE first and then go out there and test the shit out of it! It takes time and it is in the begining definitely a process in which quality beats quantity.

    Most important don't ever give up, write a self talk and get yourself a big enough WHY. It isn't about making money, it is about creating value for the customers!

  24. This is amazing Dude!!! Im so GLAD I've discovered this channel dude… Keep it up nothin more than support!

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