*WATCH THIS* Before Dropshipping with Shopify! 5 Beginner Mistakes to Avoid

*WATCH THIS* Before Dropshipping with Shopify! 5 Beginner Mistakes to Avoid


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So you want to start dropshipping but you keep seeing dropshipping clickbait everywhere! Everyone is trying to get you to click on their Shopify affiliate links based on get rich quick schemes. At the end of this video, you will have a cheaper, better alternative to dropshipping on Shopify, including 5 important tips you should keep in mind when dropshipping.

Ecwid eCommerce Course | Learn Ecwid From A Proven Ecwid Expert
Integrate Your Site With Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and eBay

*What You Will Learn*
✓ Set Up A Beautiful Ecwid Website Like a Pro : Quickly & Easily
✓ Sell Products (Digital or Physical)
✓ Collect Money Via Your Website
✓Connect to High Traffic Platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Amazon & eBay
✓ Use the Ecwid App Marketplace to Expand Your Store’s Functionality
✓ Boost Targeted Traffic to Your New Online Store & Generate Sales Day 1
✓ Increase Sales Using Core Ecwid Features
✓ Optimize Using Analytics, Reporting and 3rd Party Apps

*Ecwid Course Content*
Welcome & Introduction
1. Setting Up Your Ecwid Store Like A Pro : Quickly & Easily
2. Setting Up Your Categories & Products In Ecwid
3. Diving Deep Into Ecwid Store Design
4. Getting Paid : Payment Options For Your Ecwid Store & The Buyer Journey
5. Building Your Empire : Starter Site Build
6. Connecting to High Traffic Platforms : Social Media, Sales Channels & Websites
7. Using the Ecwid App Marketplace to Expand Your Store’s Functionality
8. Boosting Targeted Traffic to Your New Online Store & Maximize Profit Day ONE
9. Managing Sales & Customer Orders
10. Optimizing Using Analytics, Reporting & 3rd Party Apps
Bonus Gifts
The Last Lecture – What’s Next

*Get the Course ➜ https://daniella.io/ecwid-tutorial-ecommerce-course/*

*Why This Ecwid Course?*
✓ Taught by Ecwid Expert Daniella
✓ Includes analysis, opinions, techniques, shortcuts, and tips from the instructor that you won’t find on the help pages of Ecwid
✓ Includes a step-by-step site build
✓ Offers a unique and systematic framework for planning and launching an Ecwid Store
✓ Step-by-step method that will prepare you for long-term eCommerce success
✓ Learn how to generate targeted traffic and convert visitors, likes and followers to buyers

*Who is This Ecwid Course For?*
✓ Non-techy beginner and intermediate students
✓ Ideal for Entrepreneurs
✓ Small and Medium Business owners
✓ Marketers, Artists, Non-Profit Members
✓ Take this course If you’ve decided Ecwid is the right eCommerce website platform for you
✓ Take this course if you are ready to generate traffic and increase your eCommerce revenue
✓ Don’t take this course if you’re a developer looking for technical details about Ecwid (ie. API info – this course is for entrepreneurs/marketers)

Get the Course ➜ https://daniella.io/ecwid-tutorial-ecommerce-course/


Create Your Ecwid Store ➜ http://daniella.io/youtube

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