Watch This Before You Start Shopify Dropshipping (Beginner Advice)

Watch This Before You Start Shopify Dropshipping (Beginner Advice)


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  1. mainstream brands or any because i found this fish knot tie tool called samzx but i never heard of the brand i dont think it would be a problem, or would it?

  2. Thanks for enlightening us!

  3. What about Twitter ads?

  4. Question: Do you think it's been worth it for you to sell your stores? You said that you sold one for 43g's. I'm sure you ran your own analysis when the time came but would it have been more beneficial to keep it? Couldn't you have kept the store and eventually made more money than you sold the store for? If that makes sense? Did you conclude that selling the store opened up time for you to make another one so you were thus able to repeat the process?

  5. Can you tell us which agency did you hire? For fb ads

  6. Are we allowed to sell branded products if it’s like a clothing brand and you’re buying it directly from that brand on AliExpress ?

  7. This may sound stupid but how does it work in the uk?

  8. Hey, marketing firm/website do you pay to do your marketing?

  9. Another great learning session. Been running my store for a month now, would love the feedback and any advice please! Thanks !

  10. I literally just paid to unlock my store and bought a plan, and a couple hoirs of being open, i already have a handful of sales with out even advertisement. Guys, its an investment. And its worth it

  11. Real recognize real. I fwu. Hopefully your course don't set me back too much. I still need to have some bread for ad spend and to cover orders. Don't have the credit for the card Bruh.

  12. How a bout building own website, someone told me on Fiverr when you have a website each time you ad something to your site ads will shout out to 50 plus websites.Would that be better? Thank you~!

  13. How do I higher an agency to do ads for me?

  14. Gum road influencers? Can you pls give me a example how it’s gonna help? Is this legit?

  15. When you run ads with Instagram influencers do you only use story posts only or use both feed and story post ?

  16. What Shopify pack did you buy to start? Basic or advanced or which one? Should I buy 29$ or 79$? What do you recommend?

  17. I Wan’t Everyones Opinion and Thoughts Including You Justin. I’m Starting My 2nd Shopify Store Selling ”EarBuds” Or Should I Launch A Store Selling ”Glass Blunts”? Really Would Like To See Your Guys Thoughts On This! What Do You Think Justin? Really Nice Videos, You’re Giving Away Awesome Information About Shopify That No ONE Else Does! Keep Up With The Good Work!

  18. I have a kids clothing store. It’s been open for around 3 weeks. I’ve done everything in the free course so far. My problem now is finding the right influencers to run ads with because well I have a kids store so would running ads with meme pages work for a store like that?

  19. I want to be part of your test group

  20. the reality of making a lot of money

  21. Drink a shot every time Justin says "in the game" and die of liver disease.

  22. Great info ! Super valuable to beginners , thanks for l
    Spreading 😊👍

  23. I have a question. You know the supreme logo with the red and rectangle logo, can you use that but use a different word or name?

  24. do we need a single shopify subscription(29/m) for multiple stores ?

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