What I Wish I Knew Before Starting Shopify Dropshipping

What I Wish I Knew Before Starting Shopify Dropshipping


In this video I go over the most important lessons i’ve learned over the past 7 months growing my Shopify business to over $500,000. Each of these introduced a new perspective in to my marketing approach.. Thanks for watching!

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  1. My facebook Pixel is fresh and new…im new but I understand the collecting data part, it makes sense. My question would be, if im selling a kitchen product how is that information helping my next product lets say for exemple a fitness related product.

  2. my first month into this business end up spending 500$ on fb ads and only making 160$ in sales. Not sure if this works for me. But i will give my one last try after watching ur vids. Tips : Dont watch those gurus with crazy number of sales on their vids' thumbnails!

  3. Thank you for your content!
    On your point about finding something before it trends:
    I would say that it’s an important shift to move away from that kind of thinking because it’s essentially tantamount to a gambler’s mentality. Better to recognize trends, yes, and maybe more importantly, learn to understand who your market is and what they want because at the end of the day you need to build a catalog of goods and services that caters to your market for their benefit.
    I would assume, considering your numbers, that you have already put this piece together and your stores have complimentary ancillary products that your market wants, and i’d even bet some of them are worth advertising (or at least were at some point).
    Honestly, I really feel like the majority of what we do comes down to understanding marketing and the psychology behind what makes an effective campaign. That’s my two cents.
    Keep up the great work!

  4. How is video ads made?

  5. Mindset is key. Good drop, bro. Subscribed!

  6. So informative, thank you, Jordan ..

  7. Hi J, please. How to find the trends in the market?
    Do you have any tools for finding the trends in the market? Please Please

  8. Hi,when I press confirm/publish on Facebook buisness manager it says error the page you want to target and the identity is not put in.Can you please help me what should I do.

  9. On your team now, Bro! Great vid!🔥

  10. Bruf, you talk like a robot…

    A bad one

  11. Yo jordy, I’m using influencers to get 100 purchases to make a look a like audience for Facebook . Solid strategy ?

  12. facts bro! another awesome vid thanks again

  13. Nice video! I just started my channel recently, doing a lot of dropship/shopify videos too, feel free to check them out!


  15. Thanks, Jordan love your facebook video I have great ideas I would like to share with you I believe your youtube following will grow look me up thanks for all the value Jordan

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