What I Wish I Knew When Starting Shopify Dropshipping

What I Wish I Knew When Starting Shopify Dropshipping


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  1. The upbeat energy is a must

  2. Yep, energized it's better pal

  3. check out this store for a crystal clear smile lads. http://www.tinyurl.com/proudteeth also use promo code INSTASAVE15 for 15% off. limited time only i just got mine lmao

  4. Hello Dear Sebastian Hope you read this
    well first i want to thank yo for all your video i really learn from them a lot of thinkgs, i have just opned a shopify store i put some products inside i really wish to send you my store to give me your view if its good or not and also give me some advises ;

  5. what happems if someone is trying to trick that shipping fee by adding a big numer of that product and it surpass the maximum weight that you've set up in the settings ?? does it get the biggest weight shipping price or does it gets free shipping ?

  6. One 👍 for you dude 😁

  7. What camera do you use for videos (: ?

  8. You are not boring. Never was👏👏👍

  9. really thanks man your the person who point the barriers of every single person who start the online business
    super energetic video I have ever seen
    thanks again

  10. there are bunch of people doing videos and those motivated to do the business
    but only person who teach me to to success the business is you

  11. Sebastian, I've done a ton of shopify courses even Adrian Morrisons 5k course amongst many others ranging from 1 – 5k and what I've discovered recently is that I'm finding more golden nuggets from small youtube channels than whats on those courses. For example Adrian Morrison doesn't even mention Oberlo. The other thing is much of the info on many of them courses is outdated.

  12. Thanks for this! You're awesome

  13. I found an instagram influencer today that has over 1m followers, received around 20k likes on each post. They quoted me $50 for a 6 hour ad. Gonna take up their offer and see what happens

  14. I like the 60% chill 40% energetic Sebastian lool

  15. Can you make a video on growing an Instagram page to look professional?

  16. Hey sabastian, I love your channel it's really cool and valuable. I'm doing influencer marketing now and I'm getting sales but I'm not really making a lot of profit on the ads I've tried lots of influencers? What's your thoughts?

  17. Hey man you are awesome the way you are , you don't need to listen to someone's crap

  18. keep rotating with your mood!!!your content is amazing either way

  19. hey i got my first order and it says risk of fraud what do i do

  20. Keep it up 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. Hey Sebastian , I Enjoy your videos , I have seen them all. I would like for you to make a video on how you use your FB pixels to Locate specific customers for scaling a Niche. This is after i have made my 150 sales on instagram . Thanks so much

  22. do you make most of your money from free plus shipping offers

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