What is Dropshipping – Amazon vs Ebay vs Shopify

What is Dropshipping – Amazon vs Ebay vs Shopify


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What is Dropshipping – Amazon vs Ebay vs Shopify

Find out all about drop shipping and see if it’s a good fit for you in this comprehensive breakdown of the drop shipping model.

Where to start with dropshipping?

It all starts with your platform.

Do you want to create a brand and dropship products on Aliexpress or do you want to tap into Amazon’s 104 billion dollar marketplace for $39 per month?

It’s all up to you but in this short video I compare the Amazon, Ebay, and Shopify platform.

As an Amazon seller who has done over $30k in sales in 30 days on the platform my opinion is a bit biased towards drop shipping on Amazon.com.

What The Heck Is Amazon FBA?

FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon and FBA is different than dropshipping.

With FBA, sellers typically find products to buy in bulk from places like Alibaba.com. Once they find a product to promote and a supplier they purchase a ton of units and get them shipped to Amazon’s warehouse.

The Key Differences of Amazon FBA and Amazon Drop Ship :

FBA requires more upfront for the investment into inventory, it costs more time upfront as you purchase from Chinese suppliers and shipping takes a month alone!

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  1. Is it easier and more profitable to sell on shopify, ebay or amazon? And what supplier should I choose? Is Aliexpress good?

  2. Does Amazon hold buyers funds from you when selling for the first time like eBay? If so how long and what do you have to do to lift that hold? What other fees do I need to consider when becoming a seller for the first time with Amazon? What are the payment methods, I heard Amazon doesnt use paypal. Do you have an email or something where I can message you for help when needed quickly?

  3. nice video…… I was power seller on ebay…. thinking about trying shopify

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