What Shopify Theme Should You Use In 2019?

What Shopify Theme Should You Use In 2019?


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  1. If anyone has info on how to get the booster theme for free DM me please

  2. Facebook ads splitting pls

  3. Hey i sell premium shopify themes for cheap, if anyone is interested..

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  5. Only a long time viewer would recognize that picture behind you

  6. Where do you get paid themes for free? I searched everywhere. Couldnt find anything

  7. Great information, like always!!!!!

  8. If I want a website builder because i haven't built a store before then how would I communicate what exactly I want? I know you can find someone to find it on Fiverr but how does that work? Can I also get them to encode is so people can't see my best selling products

  9. Does anyone have the pipeline theme or the flow theme by any chance ?

  10. i tried setting up a one product store once but it was really hard to set up apps like timers and quantity breaks on the home page any advice ?

  11. Who wants Hayden’s course + 5 other courses dm me on instagram @wasirrr

  12. Saw Hayden at Mastro's steakhouse this evening. The m4 was in valet. I wish I said something but I didn't want to disturb. Hmu I'll make a reservation and pay for the meal, just drop some knowledge.

  13. Hay man, thanks as always great stuff. Love it

  14. Sometimes less is more 🤷‍♂️

  15. Got his course @larrey.nk in Instagram for Super cheap.

  16. where did you get the paintings in the background from?

  17. How do you feel about the Pipeline Theme?

  18. Ive been getting great traffic to my site but cant convert to sales…thought it might be my theme (venture) yep!

  19. You said the simple theme has a side menu, but there are many apps that give you a fully customized side menu on any theme.

  20. Damn Hayden 110k Haha I remember 6k, happy new year!

  21. ^^Lol Nice Job I love You Content , Do you wanna subscribe to me BTW I subscribed to You^^

  22. It's like you stole my video even though you didn't watch it… I am not sure what to feel.

  23. thanks for the insight!

  24. Woah… you probably just dropped the most fire tip I've ever seen on your videos just now 🔥🤘🏾

  25. Paid theme> Free theme. If I see one more brooklyn theme store, i swear…

  26. How do you feel about Shoptimized?

  27. Nice video can you do some more extensive product research in relation to like 2019 and trends

  28. Another Awesome Video! Good Stuff Hayden

  29. Love the daily content bro. Keep it up.

  30. I just started my first store today!

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