Why 90% Of Shopify Dropshippers Fail (FIX THIS NOW)

Why 90% Of Shopify Dropshippers Fail (FIX THIS NOW)


In this video I explain the three most common problems I see drop shippers have on Shopify.
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The most common dropshipping problem is usually a conversion rate problem, which can easily be fixed. The other two problems relate to product testing and Facebook advertising mindset.

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  1. I'm newbie here, can anyone answer me what if I',m done setting up my store and products? what would be the next step? pls help.

  2. thanks mate now playing catch up im going to watch all videos

  3. May your freely-given high-quality help to others come back to you manifold (and I'm sure it will)! God bless you!

  4. Amazing video!! Thanks so much!!

  5. Tristan I bought your course with early access brother. No email has come through for login details, please help 🙂

  6. Grt tutorial. I started from the very first video.

  7. How do you set up the facebook ad to land on the shopify product page?

  8. does it matter if my default currency is in $ but my domain ends in .co.uk? .com domain was taken. if its a problem, whats the next best domain ending i should change to??

  9. Tristan Tristan Tristan. After weeks and days of looking for relevant data I found you. You are da bomb and you are the man! Thank you so very much for your help!

  10. Thank you for your generosity.

  11. Thank you, your videos are awesome

  12. great work buddy…seriously liking it

  13. Hey how's it going my friend just had a quick question I watched a couple of your videos still learning the testing process so when you test you don't just kill after 24 hours you let that test run for about 5 days ?

  14. Nice video. I've subbed dude. Do you think item reviews can substitute testimonials? Also I'm using my own store (not shopify)… Even tho it's not strictly needed….should I buy an ssl cert for the domain just to add further trust? Cheers

  15. Wow. I have been watching 100's of youtube videos; this is the only one that clearified the whole process for me in a very detailed way. You did a terrific job. Thanks

  16. Nice video mate. one of the best I have watched so far.

  17. Wao!!! I have watched hundreds of training videos on youtube, but let me accept it your training way is far comprehensive than anyone out there. 👍👍👍

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