Why 99% of People Fail on eCommerce | Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid!

Why 99% of People Fail on eCommerce | Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid!


😬 Why 99% of People Fail on eCommerce | Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid!
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👁 About this video : Dropshipping is a fantastic way to start earning passive income today, it is one of the single best ways to make money online. And understanding how to Dropship product research is a key element to being successful creating an online eCommerce store from scratch. This video gives you everything you need to do Dropship product research the right way, and to start building your profitable eCommerce business!
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  2. Videos are physically frustrating to watch. Now I have to go undo this annoying waste of time.

  3. I’m going to give it a try and WORK HARD

  4. What is or How do I (Test Products)?

  5. Hi Kevin. Great video. FYI, I am constantly getting bombarded by your competitors advertising on YouTube before/ during your videos. I'm not sure if they purposely do it, but frankly, it is a bit annoying. Instead, can I suggest some type of complementary product advertising (i.e. an accounting package to track online business)? Thanks and trying to give constructive feedback

  6. Two out of five points were don't give up lol

  7. yes continue the shopify videos very informative

  8. Definatly do more shoppified videos. I really want to be your student.
    Let me ask you, what's stopping someone from by passing my store and going straight on to Ali Express to purchase these things? Ali express will ship without MOQ.

  9. so do u just talk about is or show how it work bc i don't want to wast my time if i can be looking at someone else

  10. Try not making videos with the sun on your back. Video recording 101

  11. The Golden Ratio is already a thing, but all great points though! Learned a lot in just 30 min.

  12. Hello I am a new small business owner of an online store called www. goodswarehouse.org.Would hope someone would take a look at it. Maybe shop around give me some feedback.

  13. Thank you for this one! Its a good one 🙂

  14. thats some solid advice.

  15. man you are very intelligent. love your videos! i can feel the genuineness from how you speak and teach. Appreciate the knowledge my friend!

  16. Damn I miss Queenstown! You must check out the best burger joint in the world! Fergnurger!!! It’s pure awesome!

  17. Thanks for taking the time to make this video. Sharing is a wonderful thing,
    especially to those you've shared with.

  18. Thanks for taking the time to explain this and stop the hysteria from casual entrepreneurs!

  19. This video could have been 4 minutes long…. god damn, you talk alot about nothing. 😛 Get to the point.

  20. I wouldn't waste your time on trying to dropship AliExpress junk. The market for pretty much every product on there is flooded. When Facebook users see the same ad for the same type of products from numerous stores, they get tired of it and keep scrolling. There is money to be made through dropshipping, but not like this. If these gurus are really making money from dropshipping from AliExpress, why are they selling youtube courses?

  21. Man you speak like crazy, slow down dude!

  22. Thats where I grew up, New Zealand

  23. Liked and subscribed. Good value.

  24. Great video! Thanks for sharing all this info!

  25. They fail because the don’t make it pass the 14 day trial,

  26. Pls make another video for applications for the creation of the shopify market ,besides these tips are very helpful thank you

  27. Thankyou bro, loved this, and your enthusiasm<3

  28. Kevin, you are my hero! Thank you very much! Is there anyway you can mentor me?

  29. he's a bit spun on some drugz

  30. Thanks for good info brother

  31. 17:30 giving stuff away for free only attracts the cheap people. doesn't exactly make a good target audience for selling with heavily inflated prices to. the people into free stuff just shop theirs from aliexpress for almost free and have the patience to wait for it. or if they're really stinky bastards they'll claim disputes over the slightest of reasons and get the cost of the item refunded to them. and that's truly free, minus their time of course.

  32. create a store in 1 day, then spend 1 day in product selection. then 2 days hustling spamming people with facebook ads. sounds like a con to me. cos why else would anyone spend just a day to build a store and already get it up and running? sounds to me like you just wanna grab people's money and make a run for it. and on to another store seeking the next victims. would certainly go a long way to explain the fancy cars and stuff.

  33. No. 26 new lesson learned don't get pissed off learning shopify and fb ads and close your shopify store

  34. Awesome video Kevin. Can I ask you, do you know of any service you would suggest for making free or cheap logos that look professional?
    Thank you

  35. What you are thinking about single product store?

  36. Every body – EVERYBODY – already knows this crap. Why not do something useful to earn your advertising dollars? Like videos that tell people how to f'ing SUCCEED. Terrible fucking mentality.

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