Why your Influencer ads are Failing | Shopify Instagram Dropshipping

Why your Influencer ads are Failing | Shopify Instagram Dropshipping


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This is why your Influencer ads are failing:

-The challenges keep rising for entrepreneurs: especially drop shippers and internet marketers. 2 years ago, Facebook ads were so easy than anyone could make money doing it. There was a wave of marketers who capitalized on that, but as competition rose, Facebook ads became too difficult for a beginner to do. then there was a wave of people who capitalized on instagram influencers the same way (including myself). The current challenge with instagram marketing is that influencers have become more malicious on instagram.

-WHY DO INFLUENCERS MAKE FAKE PAGES? – What you have to understand is that influencers are using their pages to pay their bills, and they will do anything that they can to take money from unsuspecting marketers. That includes tricking them with fake pages, and they work very hard to make their pages look real.

-It used to be easy to identify fake influencers. Pages have been able to get around being noticed as frauds through the use of engagement groups so that the comments look more relevant to their post and the instagram algorithm won’t ban their page. If you’re not careful, you will get caught in a loop of engagement groups, but fortunately it’s still easy to identify fake pages but it requires a little bit more time to figure out (a little bit more research). And there are more and more fake pages rising every day.

-Look at the comments and click on each profile. If each profile you click on looks like an influencer page, you should not use that influencer. Keep in mind that some of them are mixed in with real followers, so make sure you check at least 10 profiles. If it’s half and half make sure you don’t pay more than $20 on a shoutout because only half of the followers will be real traffic.

-Real pages will have comments from pages who have private profiles or don’t look like influencers. They’ll also be tagging their friends.

-Now here’s some even better news: What if I told you that there was a way to filter out the fake followers and be able to market to the real ones for free forever after that? This is the game plan for that: find some good influencers and run an shoutout with them, but do it as a giveaway. Have the image of your product and on the image put “give away” on it, and the way to enter is to follow your page, tag 2 friends who would like your store on your most recent post, and like that post. Now obviously you’ll have to pick a winner and give something away for free, but now you’ll have people that you can market to a few times per week and they are all real niche followers for your store and thats way more valuable than always running shoutouts on other pages.


  1. I'm trying to break into dropshipping. One strategy I've seen is to find ads on the Instagram explore page and model them, create your one product shopify page for that product, etc. I created an instagram account (completely new to it) but I'm not seeing really any pages running ads on the explore page. Just a lot of scenic photographs. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. Hey man, i have a question. Well i want to grow a fitness account to sell online programs and possibly grow it into other things. What do you think is the best thing to do in regards to growth, what would be the best strategy do follow

  3. A great way to do influencer marketing is with auditing tools such as influencer auditor to maximize results

  4. Ahaha, Thanks for showing man. I was talking with this guy @instapandacool, who you can see in the comment section at @3.08. Won't try getting my ads promoted there anymore:)

  5. Rappers fucked up the ads. Once you can advertise rappers spam the ads with their videos. Spotify is next they are taking ads but for a $250 minimum to advertise to filter out the bullshit

  6. Hey! thanks for the tip about the engagment groups. I've watched so many videos about finding influencers and you're the first to mention this red flag. liked and subscribed!

  7. Really appreciate this video. This saved me so much money. I had a few influencers lined up. Then saw all their comments were other influencers. Thanks!

  8. Hey, thanks for your video ! My last influenceur was fake , I didn't used friend payment but service one on Paypal. Should I get money back ?

  9. Thanks for the information. Do you have step by step lessons yet on the whole drop shipping process? If not, you ought to. Keep doing your thing. Great Delivery.

  10. This is a MAJOR KEY. Thank you!!

  11. Just saw this. Wow you speak the Truth man. Came across so many videos all just praising Instagram influencers.
    Fake sounds harsh as it sounds malicious. But yeah when I searched, most of the Insta accounts are interest groups primed for taking businesses for shoutouts only.
    I did find some seemingly genuine ones with much less followers, but the barrier for entry to dropshipping is so low that these guys are selling similar stuff themselves already!

  12. notes to self: nothing new

  13. pls do not use @pcgamming as a influencer on instagram, it is scam

  14. When you’re watching this and the influencer page he used you bought a shoutout from😩

  15. well done, you mentioned the issue and also explained a solution, thank you just followed you

  16. Really helpful content man. Keep up the good work.

  17. Nice video 👍🏼 good advise on the jab jab right hook for instagram

  18. Should I do ig influencer ads when I have a general store? Btw I'm a new subscriber, you seem like you don't talk shit unlike other fake Shopify youtubers

  19. I am going to get a shoutout from an instagram account with 2.1m followers. Like 100k likes a photo. Is it worth it for my fashion store?

  20. thanks man, I did think that the engagement groups would soon become a problem. You said the best thing at the end you're not doing this trying to sell yet another course like most of them.

  21. saw this video on the front page of youtube
    nice vid 🙂

  22. Dude awesome tip! Hope you don't go the guru road! Keep it real! Subscribed!!

  23. amazing content! Thanks bro

  24. Hey guys I have a dropshipping store and it is a toys niche. I am getting some traffic to my store everyday but finding it difficult to convert them into sales. Could anyone check out my page and tell me what i can do in order to improve it?


  25. like your content man, keep it coming!

  26. Yo your channel is gonna blow up just fyi

  27. From Algeria , just 🔥🔥thank you

  28. Wish I knew all this stuff a month ago lmaooo

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