Why Your Shopify Store Is Getting No Sales – Fix This ASAP!

Why Your Shopify Store Is Getting No Sales – Fix This ASAP!


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  1. first product on sales..can be on a loss..but returns will be positive

  2. i love ure content dany

  3. No homo but your good looking Dan

  4. I'm in 🙂 Do I have to enter my Card to activate my shopify store ? How much will cost me to set a Plan , buy a domain and launch a Facebook campaign ? Thanks

  5. Definitely the thing about going into negative. What I'm gonna do to overcome it is to fully understand this "plan", that being said, is there a video where you talk about this more detailed? Or wouldn't you do one? Thanks Dan

  6. You opened my eyes to just how important the long-term picture is

  7. My biggest takeaway is truly researching the product(s) from a to z so that i can position myself better than my competitiom

  8. Hey, quick question. Can you do a detailed video about making an epic About Us page? Also, Oberlo personally sucks and so does aliexpress. Are there a better pp to dropship from sites like dhgate?

  9. I need to set up customer support when I get a store

  10. Thnx man … and focusing in the long term that s what am I working on

  11. Focusing on "one off" sales rather than long term sales. I've been focusing on Instagram influencer shoutouts. I've noticed that there isn't long term value for using Instagram, at least when you're starting out. Definitely going to focus more on long term sales on via Facebook ads.

  12. Customer service is key! Poor customer service is very discouraging

  13. work on long term customer and helping them

  14. Hey Dan. First of all I'd just like to say that althought I am taking some of today's more expensive ecom courses and following all the leading gurus, yours is the first channel I recommend to anybody entering the ecom space. Your content is always right on the spot. Love it.
    You always talk about long term customer value and this is where I feel I'm under performing. I have email sequences and weekly newsletters and promotions but can't seem to get those extra sales from there. This is one of the things I am, and will be, focusing on for 2018.
    If in one of your videos you can elaborate on this a bit that would be truly great. Keep up the good work. With Vivr you're on your way to conquer the space. Inspiration is here Dan!

  15. How do you use ads properly?? I don’t even know how to target the right type of costumers.

  16. Totally awesome content Dan!

  17. Too many apps I got rid of some and made a $250 sale because it didn’t bother the customer

  18. Wrong Apps installed. That's my #1 take away

  19. Dude, do a video with your lamborghini

  20. Biggest take away being open minded to take some losses staying persistent & learn from them & apply the changes, also focus on building a foundation for the long term like creating a brand

  21. I just started my store and I haven't really heard about Dan Dasilva till now. Fortunately Dan made clear of what I am definitely doing all wrong. I am having traffic but no sales. I would set things right this time around.
    Thanks Dan!!

  22. Another super helpful video Dan!

  23. Hey Dan Dasilva and Team (AKA Notification Squad), I liked this quick and very to the point video. I must say, close to all of the comments did not give you what you asked at the end. This is the biggest of all things in business,… communication. People don't listen. They have blocked up their minds with white noise and cognitive dissonance. Furthermore, I have had it face to face and I was not even thinking prospect (not selling). How do we cover this fundamental part of the touch point, communicating clearly with very little chance of confusion in any way? I think I know, but I want to the let me know first. My hint to you is the maybe, prospect's timeline of the purchase cycle.

    Finally, at last, I want to let you know I got all 5 points covered when I open the e-com store. I broke down my Buyer Persona. I have got my market size for the primary intersect target group and have a secondary intersect group. I am marketing for long-term to these intersect targets. I have covered all the 5 points you have mentioned. I know the market, the GEO location, the market size, the mindset ( work in progress) and the income levels. Web design, logo, customer service, autoresponder, scarcity apps, willing to take a negative hit for the e-mail list and the life cycle of the prospect.

    I will create a blog to get backlinks to the e-com shop and provide link juice for better S.E.O.. This will provide a community and following for my business, brand, and products with the blog and multiple social media sites.

    I will have landing pages for each product for my store to bring prospects to the e-com store. The landing page is targeted to the intersect targets for benefits of the product for a potential 3 second view of interest.

    Not all the product I choose will populate my store. I will drip them in with e-mail promotional marketing.

    After the original product offering and a complimented product will pop up.

    Customer support with Google's help. Google Voice.

    No money on the table with Google Ads in the Thank You Page.

    So, that being said,…

    If, e-mail was given with a survey of my target market prospect,… good! If a product was purchased better, and a second one,… great! Then I am going to be in an e-com business.

    Thanks for reading and I hope my mention can in some part or all work for you reading this.


    PS: (Always PS: Everyone looks at a PS) Dan, you always have great direction when the road is not so clear to me and others, because you have travelled it already. Did I communicate well enough? You have helped me in my journey. Thank You!

  24. For me i think having the correct apps to scale is a problem. I want to be able to automate the fullfilment process eventually. As a goal for today I'm going to research the best ways to do that. Thanks for the content, Dan! Oh and I'm going to check out that masterclass.

  25. About to open my store within the next few days. I am afraid I didn't do enough niche research. I'll see how it goes

  26. I shall be notified also liked the vid;)

  27. Everything u said is common things but at the same time very important too.

  28. Studying from your channel and your free course, get 2 sales and 15 iniate checkout with email that ready to be retargeted in day 3,really good course 👍

  29. I fall under poor customer support. It sucks cause I see potential in my store but .. just have not wanted to deal with it lol.

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