YOU Can SELL These Products ANY Time Of Year (shopify dropshipping tutorial)

YOU Can SELL These Products ANY Time Of Year (shopify dropshipping tutorial)


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Video Work by ATLAS MEDIA
Executive Producers: Thaddeus Strickland / Isaiah Suko
Director: Isaiah Suko
Camera Operator: Isaiah Suko
Editor: Isaiah Suko

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  1. Hope you guys enjoy! Remember the power of branding + content creation. Someone will literally take this product or something similar and make $20k+ these next few weeks lmao

  2. Ok I get what you're saying with this but what about the step before.. How do you come off credible w only 30 followers since your insta account is going to be fairly new? I know theres something im missing here broski

  3. Hi I have sent you a message on your website but never got any answer it was about your services I getting ready for website

  4. Hey man was just wondering where I can get access to the looks files ? I can't seem to find them in the course. Am I looking in the right place ?

  5. you said making webside buy products.but how much cost all?

  6. Hey, man. On your course site if you click on any of the enrollment buttons they just take you back to the top of the page.

  7. Yo Thaddeus! What are your thoughts on 'The Pet Rock' marketing by Gary Dahl ? I am very interested in learning on the art of creating demand. The sales aspects, story telling, and overall 'out side the box' mindset.

  8. good video.I think it is better to have these products and add products that are hot selling for the season.

  9. This product is dead lol. Such a hero getting kids to waste money on ads.

  10. how do you brand these items into your own?

  11. I was just starting to get the hang of branding and quality content as I was looking through influencers on IG and this video just solidified that I'm on the right track, ty brotha!!

  12. Great! Hey guys do you still need it, we can provide you.

  13. What happened to your shopify stores and drop shipping ?

  14. You say order 20 products, create custom content, and market which sounds dope…but you're spending so much money on testing products like $200 each. If you test a few products with no winners then your out alot of cash.

  15. Thadd is back, back again! Thadd is back, tell a friend!

  16. Are you paying the influencers or shouting them out? Why would they make the content for you lol

  17. Fuck i was gonna test and now yoy just fucked me up

  18. Thank you Thaddeus for such content .. you always make things simple and easy to understand for us beginners

  19. what's the process of creating custom-content ! thaddy i live in north africa im working on print on demand
    store ! i have designs ready i want to test it with instagram

  20. Great work Thaddeus! Keep it up ! 💞

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