Your Products Are TOO CHEAP (Shopify Ecommerce)

Your Products Are TOO CHEAP (Shopify Ecommerce)


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Video Work by ATLAS MEDIA
Executive Producers: Thaddeus Strickland / Isaiah Suko
Director: Isaiah Suko
Camera Operator: Isaiah Suko
Editor: Isaiah Suko

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  1. You should make a video on how to make your site look like its not a drop shipping site

  2. that ending caught me off guard. Loved it. RIP X <3 <3 <3

  3. crazy quality from the content king!!

  4. To go off what he’s saying: the reason you need to charge more for rings, sunglasses, etc. is because people aren’t going to buy cheap products. They want expensive products so they can feel value for it. Not too expensive unless you have a extremely credible brand ! 🙂

  5. You should do a big series in how to order products from Alibaba or at least put it in the course, I have money to invest in branding my products but need really in depth guidance on it

  6. Is the ecom challenge mastery course the same as the course on I currently only have that one.

  7. Create a brand conscious is important.

  8. GREAT video bro !!!

    I love the idea custom branding and pricing strategy but how can I implement on a physical product my brand from aliexpress? I mean okay I can show them that I am a brand I can give them this feel but when they saw product picture which does not have my brand sticker… What should I do what can be your advice?

  9. I experience, due to Amazon, eBay, etc., that people's minds always go to the LPP (Lowest Price Possible) as a default mechanism in their brain. I offer a Glow-In-The- Dark Heart Shaped Pendant Necklace for $10. A person caught sight of it, liked it, wanted it, asked the price, I answered, and their first response was "Is this for sale for less anywhere else"? Even if I knew of a place, other than them waiting 50 days from Ali, why would I disclose that information? I always include a nice box with the Jewelry I offer, whether fine or costume, and people, after hearing the price, will ask if they can I get it for less if they don't want the box (always looking for an angle). In the case of the $10 Pendant they will cut the price in half! I do not spend $5 on a box for costume jewelry. The people charging way to little are the ones my customers are looking at on their phones and demanding I match their price. At this point I no longer go into a song and dance – explaining that my piece comes with a box, bag, gift card, pet monkey, free massage, since no matter how low the price is they will always want it for less. Now, when they show me a picture of the product from another company whom offers it for less, I just say – Then buy it from them. I believe Custom Branding will be helpful!

  10. Seriously love it when Alex Becker's ad comes up before the video lmao

  11. am really impressed with all your videos but I need the best among Alidrop and Shopify

  12. Hey, I sent you an email about your marketing agency. Hit me up whenever you are free. Thanks my dude <3

  13. Can you do IG influencers without IG Page?

  14. how can i find how much can i charge for product? i dont want charge too much because people dont buy this

  15. Hope you guys enjoy! A lot of beginners seem to charge way too little on what they could actually be charging…don't be that person!

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